What Apple Included in The $549 AirPods Max!

Yesterday Apple launched their first ever Apple branded headphone “AirPods Max”, and it costs $549! Remember this is “AirPods Max”, so there is a chance for more expensive “AirPods Pro Max” in the future.

What’s in the new AirPods Max?

Inside View of The AirPods Max!

Apple used several high-end technology to justify its huge price, it has audio technology like:

It has several interesting sensors also

Apple AirPods Max

It uses 8 dedicated microphones just for active noise cancellation! It has 9 mics in total. Apple is using its dedicated Apple H1 headphone chip for each ear cup. This headphone can go up-to 20hours of listening with active noise cancellation turned on! Apple is also claiming that 5 minutes of charge time provides around 1.5 hours of listening time.

Overall it’s a nice package, but the price is too expensive. Sony XM4 (WH-1000XM4) is the most popular headphone for its amazing sound quality, it costs around $280! It’s half the price of AirPods Max. So the gap is huge, Apple has to justify its price to performance ratio, we are looking forward to seeing what it’s actually capable of.

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