Xiaomi Will Introduce 55W Charger For Midrange Phones

Xiaomi has multiple appliances in its hub, and the charger isn’t a new one. But, yes, indeed a new charger and charging system is appreciated.

A new 55W fast charger has recently been certified by 3C Certification and a renowned leakster Digital Chat Station is betting the charger will be featured in upcoming Redmi and Xiaomi flagships as well as upper mid-range phones.

The model number of this charging adapter is MDY-12-EQ, which revolts evolution over its predecessors, and it will ensure fast charging efficiency by 11V at 5A.

Xiaomi’s store doesn’t have any limitations to any new or old adaptors. Anyway, it’s like shooting in the dark that we’re still out of reach of any Xiaomi or Redmi flagship with over 33W charging, but Mi 10 Pro closes to 50W charging though it packs a 65W charger. In that sense, the new adapter (55W charger) can feature a small bump, likewise a compact and power-efficient size.

Last but not least, the 55W charger indicates we are close to discovering more amazing and ready-to-rule products from Xiaomi in its fast charging sectors.

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